AYA recognizes that there is a lot of information on different value chains within the agricultural sector from production to processing. AYA therefore seeks to bring all this information together focusing on production and processing. The production aspect will focus mainly on the agronomy aspect while the processing side will show the different products that can be made from one value chain with a detailed methodology. AYA feels that this is important to bridge the knowledge gap and also try and bring quality food products into the market place with high nutritive value. We also believe that from this youth can be able to generate enterprises that are from other places. This space also recognizes the different roles that different youth play in society and this has been captured in video form. AYA aims to achieve the above through

  • Profiling value chains their production process and processing
  • Showcasing various youth enterprises innovating (click here and submit your innovation)
  • Provide a WhatsApp online interactive platform for youth to learn from each other and experts to air their opinions)

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